Easton Inks First Lease For Proposed Intermodal Project

English: Skyline of Easton, PA from Lafayette ...

English: Skyline of Easton, PA from Lafayette College (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At least one tenant for Easton’s proposed intermodal center is signed for what passes for perpetuity these days — 99 years.

City Council approved a master lease Wednesday night for the yet-to-be-built intermodal, inking the Lehigh and Northampton Transportation Authority to a long-term deal in return for an upfront payment of $7.2 million. The lease with LANTA is through the city’s parking authority, which in turn will operate the 370-space parking deck and bus terminal portion of the project.

LANTA’s cash payment, derived from a federal transportation grant, is a major source of funding for the $26 million intermodal. Easton Mayor Sal Panto Jr. hopes to couple the LANTA money with grants obtained by the city to cut the amount the city must borrow to no more than $13 million.

Site work for the project started last year after the city demolished a Perkins restaurant and a movie theater on S. Third St. Construction could begin this summer.

Read more:  http://www.mcall.com/news/local/easton/mc-easton-council-approved-bus-terminal-lease-20130227,0,4743558.story


Kim Bracey, York Pennsylvania’s Popular Mayor

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting York County

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York PA Mayor, Kim Bracey is a doer, a mover and a shaker.  14 months ago, Mayor Bracey became York City’s first African American Mayor.  Prior to being elected mayor, Kim was the Community Development Director for the City of York. 

Sonia Huntzinger, Director of Downtown Inc., describes Mayor Bracey as a builder of partnerships and relationships.  Citing her own organization’s positive relationship with Mayor Bracey, Sonia Huntzinger stated that in the past Downtown Inc. did not have a positive and progressive relationship with the administration like it does now. 

Another recent example of Mayor Bracey’s relationship/partnership buildings skills was the Building York Summit the mayor held a few short weeks ago.  The summit was a gathering of city and county leaders to form a unified vision for the City of York and to make a way forward.  York County realizes that its heart is the city.  As the city goes, York County goes.

Mayor Bracey is a huge promoter for York City.  She can even been seen wearing an I Love York City tee-shirt around town.  The mayor goes to as many events as are humanly possible.  Large and small, it makes no difference.  Mayor Bracey has a vision of what is possible and she passionately promotes York City and engages others in doing so.

Evidence of revitalization is apparent in downtown York with new stores, restaurants, high-end condos, a renovated Central Market and a huge industrial development project a few blocks down the street.  The challenge going forward is that money is drying up for funding these projects from the state and federal government.  Unfortunately, like many other Pennsylvania cities, York still has hurdles to climb and transformation will not happen overnight.  

York is moving forward, maybe too slowly for some, but nevertheless revitalization is happening.  Having a former Community Development Director and grant writer for a mayor certainly must have its advantages!  Bracey is popular on both sides of the aisle and reaches out to find the best solutions to solve the city’s problems.

We wish Mayor Bracey the best in her efforts to revitalize a former capital of the United States of America and Pennsylvania’s 14th largest city.