Center City Allentown Construction To Bring 900 Jobs

English: City of Allentown

English: City of Allentown (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The concrete foundation of Allentown‘s $272 million arena complex has begun to rise at Seventh and Hamilton streets, along with the number of yellow-vested construction workers.

It is a welcome sight to an army of local tradesmen whose livelihoods took a beating in the Great Recession.

For ironworker Carl Graves, 33, of Easton, the arena project didn’t just put him back to work in a tough construction market, it gave him his family back.

With construction in the Lehigh Valley at a near halt the past four years, Graves has had to accept jobs as far as 100 miles away. During his six months working on a job at New York University Medical Center last year, the four-hour round-trip commute left him little time to spend with his wife and sons, ages 5 and 1.

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West York Project Reuses Bricks From Demolition Site

A 10,000-square-foot building was demolished and the bricks are being cleaned and reused for another project.  The Keystone Weaving Mill is being turned into apartments and the bricks from the demolition will be used to replace missing bricks at the old mill.

The savings is about a $5 per brick difference between reuse and making new bricks!  Great cost savings, certainly a green solution and the use of period bricks makes the renovation historically accurate!  A win-win in my book!

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