This blog is dedicated to Pennsylvania cities and towns who are making positive strides with revitalization and economic development.  The idea is to showcase these places and hopefully they will become an inspiration.  Enjoy reading these success stories!


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  1. Hi Roy –

    My name is Kim McKee and I’m a Community Outreach Coordinator with the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, planning geek and PA native that started following your blog when I began at ATC’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Office this summer.

    I wanted to alert you to one of our new initiatives, the A.T. Community program, aimed at assisting communities with sustainable economic development through tourism and outdoor recreation, while preserving and protecting the A.T. The Borough of Duncannon in Perry County is our most recent addition to the A.T. Community network and we’ve seen some real successful collaboration there amongst Borough officials, the County, the local Chamber of Commerce, business owners and teachers in working towards revitalization goals based on the vision of Duncannon as a “trail town” – most notably in planning an upcoming outdoor festival and moving forward with the “Apple Tree Alley” pedestrian/bikeway project through the center of town that would serve as a new route for the A.T.

    Check out the A.T. Community Committee blog for more info and updates: http://duncannonat.blogspot.com/ If interested, we’ll keep you in the loop as things move forward!


    Kim McKee
    Act 24 Coordinator
    Appalachian Trail Conservancy
    Mid-Atlantic Regional Office
    4 East 1st St.
    Boiling Springs, PA 17007
    (717) 258-5771

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