McNeil Plant May Re-open In 2013, Executives Say

Location of Whitemarsh Township in Montgomery ...

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Johnson & Johnson expects the main manufacturing plant for recall-plagued McNeil Consumer Healthcare will resume production in 2013.

During a Jan. 24 podcast with investors to review the company’s 2011 earnings, Johnson & Johnson CEO William Weldon addressed the company’s ongoing efforts to revamp the Fort Washington plant and return the consumer products previously manufactured there to the market.

McNeil Consumer Healthcare, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson based in Fort Washington and the pharmaceutical giant’s largest producer of over-the-counter medications, has issued a string of more than 20 recalls since late 2009. Those include the April 30, 2010, recall of more than 136 million children’s and infants’ products in the largest recall of children’s medication in history.

That large-scale recall led to the immediate closure of McNeil’s manufacturing facility located at 7050 Camp Hill Road in the Fort Washington section of Whitemarsh Township.

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