Allegheny Grows Targets Clairton And Natrona For Urban Farming/Gardening Programs

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Allegheny County

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When it comes to redeveloping the many communities in Allegheny County hard-hit by de-industrialization, “greening” is a big part of the solution. That’s good news for Clairton and Natrona, which have been selected as the two newest communities to participate in Allegheny Grows, an effort by the Allegheny County Department of Economic Development that creates community and workforce development opportunities through urban farming and gardening.

“Allegheny Grows builds on the county’s ongoing initiatives to revitalize older communities and distressed municipalities through sustainable development and strategic investment,” Allegheny County Executive Dan Onorato said. “It also improves the environment, strengthens communities and provides access to fresh produce.”

Clairton and Natrona were selected through a competitive application process because 46.7 percent or more of each community’s households qualify as low-to-moderate income, which is a requirement to participate.

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