Harrisburg’s Allision Hill Neighborhood Getting Community Art Garden

On the corner of Mulberry and Crescent Streets in Allison Hill is a vacant lot where two blighted homes were demolished by the city.  Community group Danzante, an Allison Hill based community art music and dance center is adopting this vacant lot from the city for $1.00 through Harrisburg’s Adopt-A-Block program.

Volunteers from well beyond the Harrisburg area are coming to Allison Hill and helping reclaim this vacant land to beautify it and give hope to Allison Hill residents.  Mosaic art will decorate the path leading to the “Treasure Garden”.

Danzante has been a part of Allison Hill since 1978.  The 501(c)3 organization is looking for volunteers to help with the project or people to make donations toward the completion of this project.  The Danzante Community Center is on the opposite corner from the Art Garden.  The group hopes to create a beautiful and safe community gathering place.

To learn more about Danzante, check out their website here:  http://danzante.org/

To volunteer or make a contribution of materials or money, call (717) 232-2615



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