Main Street USA

This is an except from an article that appeared on MSN today about urban renewal, vibrant downtowns and what makes them tick.  This particular section I really liked:

Main Street
Columbus, Miss.

Huck's at night // Huck's Place at night, Coilumbus, Miss. \\ Courtesy Main Street Columbus(Courtesy Main Street Columbus)

Huck’s Place in Columbus, Miss., occupies pride of place on Fifth Street South, one of the major streets in a town whose planners saw the value in housing units above downtown businesses. (Courtesy Main Street Columbus)

Look closely at the urban-renewal renaissance and you’ll discover certain key characteristics like terrace seating, broad sidewalks and street art. While each of these helps establish the appeal of the streetscape, perhaps the most important component is experienced by a very few visitors: second floor residential dwellings. The planners in Columbus understood the importance of a neighborhood that doesn’t roll up its sidewalks at night, renovating more upper-floor housing units than any other Mississippi community. Not bad for a city of just under 26,000 people. The celebrations begin with Market Street Festival in early May and the Hitching Lot Farmers’ Market is open three days a week. The musically inclined gather for Afternoon and Noon Tunes at various times of the year, and The Columbus Riverwalk, a citizen’s initiative, recently entered its second decade.

To read the rest of this fascinating article, click here:


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