Monaca Leading The Way In Pennsylvania As A Sustainable Community

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Beaver County

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The borough of Monaca, Beaver County, is 25 miles northwest of downtown Pittsburgh.  This small, working-class borough of 6,000 residents is one of the few sustainable municipalities in Pennsylvania.

According to Wikipedia, Sustainable communities are communities planned, built, or modified to promote sustainable living. This may include sustainability aspects relating to development, water, transportation, energy, and waste and materials. They tend to focus on environmental sustainability (including development and agriculture) and economic sustainability. Sustainable communities can focus on sustainable urban infrastructure and/or sustainable municipal infrastructure.

Monaca’s borough manager, Mario Leone, is a green kind of a guy.  Mario was hired four years ago because Monaca’s leadership didn’t want the same old same old.  They wanted someone to think outside the box.  Mr. Leone has secured a number of grants for Monaca that have transformed the community.  Brownfield reclamation, infrastructure upgrades, the use of available technology and green energy are some of things Mr. Leone has been able to accomplish so far.  Mario looks forward to having windmills along the river to generate clean, renewable alternative energy.

To read the entire article from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, click here:


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