Mansfield Featured On WVIA’s “Our Town” Program

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Tioga County

Image via Wikipedia

Mansfield, Pennsylvania will be the center of attention on WVIA’s “Our Town” program on Tuesday, June 28th at 8:00 p.m.  WVIA, headquartered in Pittston, is NEPA’s public television station.

We just talked about Wellsboro’s Laurel festival recently so I thought it was pleasantly coincidental that Tioga County‘s other major town is getting some press.

Mansfield is Tioga County’s college town and the home of Mansfield University, part of Pennsylvania’s state university system.  There were 3,360 students enrolled at MU for the Fall Semester of 2006, which nearly doubles the resident population of the borough.

Unlike many towns in this part of Pennsylvania, Mansfield actually experienced population growth during the last decade.  Mansfield’s population count for the 2010 census was 3,625.  The borough is 1.9 square miles.

If you live out of the WVIA viewing area, like I do, you should be able to watch this program using Video On Demand.  This feature is found on the home page:


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