Luzerne County Scores $12 Million For Various Projects

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Luzerne County

Image via Wikipedia

A variety of projects, in numerous locations throughout Luzerne County, were awarded $12 million from the Commonwealth Financing Authority.  The money comes from an account funded by a percentage of money gambled at Mohegan Sun Casino in Plains Township.

Wilkes University and the City of Wilkes-Barre were awarded $2 million to build a new science center.  Wilkes University has been an active partner with the City of Wilkes-Barre for downtown revitalization.  The new science center will help make Wilkes more attractive and competitive.

The City of Wilkes-Barre is also receiving $706,000 toward the stabilization and rehabilitation of the First National Bank Building on Public Square.  The building has been vacant since 1974!  This work will make the building more attractive to developers for adaptive reuse projects.  The building sits in the central business district in Wilkes-Barre and would normally be attractive for development except for cost of the rehabilitation work is prohibitive.  This grant will enable development of the property when the work is completed.

A complete list of funded projects can be found here:


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