Harrisburg Area Youth Help Clean Up Allison Hill Neighborhood

Harrisburg’s Allison Hill neighborhood got a facelift on Friday from hundreds of area high school students who participated in a day of caring.  Students cleaned up trash, removed graffiti, planted flowers and added mulch to help clean up blight in this neighborhood.  Yesterday was also National Youth Volunteer Day and this event coincided with that effort.

We give two Roy’s Rants thumbs up to those student volunteers who made a difference yesterday!


New Federal Courthouse In Midtown Harrisburg To Be Green

The new federal courthouse, to be built in Midtown Harrisburg, will be an economic boon to the neighborhood and hopefully kick development into high gear.  Designers hope the building will achieve a gold-level rating from the U.S. Green Building Council! Solar power, geothermal energy, HVAC systems and green building practices are all being considered for the new courthouse.  Other buildings in the area already include such technologies.

Construction could begin in 2013.

To read the entire article from PennLive.com: