Harrisburg Incinerator Dog And Pony Show Continues At Act 47 Meeting

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Dauphin County

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Act 47 was supposed to help Harrisburg get out from under their enormous incinerator debt and find a way forward.  So far it seems as though finger-pointing and the blame game is winning the day. 

Embattled Harrisburg Mayor, Linda Thompson did not attend Monday’s public meeting.  Interesting as this problem will make or break the city she is “in charge of”…wondering what could have possibly been more important?????  I am sure LT’s counterpart in York would have been in the first row, but that’s the difference between LT and Kim Bracey.

I suppose venting is part of the process but some of the comments reported from the meeting were far from productive.  The past cannot be changed.  Harrisburg is saddled with an enormous debt and unfortunately Dauphin County has been sucked into the debacle as well.  The incinerator debt is now impacting city and county taxpayers.  Stop dwelling on what was and start thinking how you can get yourselves out of the mess you are in.  No amount of blaming the people responsible will change anything.  They are out of office and the deed is done.

Do NOT expect the Act 47 team to do all the thinking.  Residents and business owners need to come up with creative ideas as well.  It takes a village!


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