ShopRite To Anchor Bakers Square Shopping Center In Nicetown-Tioga Section Of Philadelphia

Good news for residents of Philadelphia’s Nicetown-Tioga neighborhood.  A full-service grocery store is coming soon!

Bakers Square Shopping Center is being built at the former site of the Tasty Baking Company.  The 220,000 square foot shopping center will be anchored by a 71,000 square foot ShopRite Supermarket.  At this time, the neighborhood has no supermarket.  Residents are forced to travel great distances to get fresh meats, fruits, vegetables and reasonably priced grocery items.  Prices are considerably lower at a grocery store as opposed to a convenience store.

Construction of the new ShopRite begins this Friday, March 25th, with a projected opening date in the third quarter of 2012.  According to Brown Super Stores public relations department, it has been 25 years since this neighborhood has had a full-service grocery store!  This is a major health issue for children because things like fresh meat and fruit and hard to come by at local convenience stores.  Another benefit is the new ShopRite will create 250 jobs.  ShopRite tends to hire workers from the neighborhood their stores are located in.

ShopRite opened up a store at 52nd and Parkside in West Philadelphia which is doing well. Hopefully the new store will also do well.  We give two Progress Pennsylvania thumbs up to ShopRite for investing in struggling Philadelphia neighborhoods.  Everyone needs access to wholesome and reasonably priced food.


Harrisburg International Airport (MDT) Traffic Up Sixteen Percent

FAA diagram of Harrisburg International Airpor...

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More people continue to fly out of Harrisburg International Airport.  Passenger traffic increased a whopping sixteen percent in February 2011, compared with February 2010. 

Passenger traffic at MDT for January and February is up 10.6 percent over the same time period last year.  Cargo tonnage has declined slightly.  For the first two months of 2011, cargo dropped 3.5 percent.

Overall, MDT’s performance is strong in light of rising gas and ticket prices.  People are seeing the value and convenience of flying out of Harrisburg. 

Airports are significant contributors to a local or regional economy and are a means of economic development.

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority Offer $45 Million For Harrisburg Incinerator

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Harrisburg has been offered $45 million in CASH for the Authority’s incinerator, which has saddled Harrisburg and Dauphin County with $280 million worth of debt.  Sadly, the incinerator is probably not worth anywhere near the amount owed.  The problem being the offer from Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority is only about 16 percent of the $280 million debt.  This still leaves Harrisburg and Dauphin County on the hook for $235 million!

Looks like this problem will not go away easily!  Hopefully LT is right and other entities will be interested in buying the incinerator, for considerably more money!

York Mayor Lobbies In Washington D.C. To Save Block Grant Funds

The Senate's side of the Capitol Building in DC.

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This is what is known as being proactive!  Rather than sit home and boo hoo about what might happen, Kim Bracey headed down to Washington, D.C. to meet with U.S. Senator Bob Casey (D) about the proposed budget cuts that could adversely impact York City’s ability to continue revitalization efforts.  Kudos to Kim Bracey for going the extra mile for her city!

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Montgomery County Mulls Land Purchase At Former Willow Grove Naval Air Station

The Montgomery County Commissioners are considering submitting a notice of intent to purchase property at the former Willow Grove Naval Air Station. 

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SAP America Builds LEED Platinum Certified Green Building In Newtown Square

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Read an amazing article about SAP America Inc.’s new building in Newtown Square that is LEED platinum certified.  This project is the third-largest new construction platinum certified building on the planet!  Right here in the Philadelphia area!

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West Chester Said No To Minor-League Baseball But Will Phoenixville Say Yes?

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Recently, the borough of West Chester turned down a stadium proposal to bring minor-league baseball to town.  Phoenixville is now lining up to see if baseball will work there.  Manny DeMutis, a developer, said he would love to see a new stadium built on a 10-acre section of the Phoenix Steel site in downtown Phoenixville.  DeMutis cited Lancaster and Allentown as examples of how a stadium can bring people and money into a town year round, not just during baseball season.

A committee of twenty Phoenixville and Chester County residents, community leaders and business owners has been assembled to decide if this project is economically feasible for the borough of Phoenixville.  If all the stars align, a new stadium could be completed as early as 2014.