East Liberty Home Remodel And Conversion Will Be Pittsburgh’s First Net-Zero House

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The East Liberty section of Pittsburgh is undergoing a great redevelopment wave.  A vacant home at 710 North St. Clair Street, which had been converted into multiple units, is being restored and returned to a single family.  The 100-year-old home is a total gut and remodel.

Not only will this home be again occupied by a family, but it is making history as the first net-zero home in the City of Pittsburgh.  A net-zero home means you will not have an electric bill (unless you waste power).  East Liberty Development Inc. is having a contractor remodel the home.  It will sell for $275,000, which is on the expensive side for Pittsburgh.  However, it is a three-story Colonial Revival so you are getting a nice-sized home for the money.  East Liberty Development Inc. has renovated 155 homes in East Liberty and it has made a huge difference.

Energy efficiency is important when renovating older homes.  The current project will feature solar panels which will also heat water.  The yearly heating bill is expected to be $215 dollars.  The electric bill is expected to be zero.  If any excess power is generated it can be sold back to Duquesne Light for a credit on the homeowner’s bill.  There is no energy storage so the home is hooked up to Duquesne Light and will have a monthly service fee in the event no excess power is generated to cover the fee.

A boiler will provide radiant heat under the first floor and in baseboard radiators on the second and third floors.  A heat recovery ventilator will be installed that exchanges air without using energy.  This will be combined with a special insulation package that is designed to maximize heating efficiency.  The paint will be VOC free and the home will also collect and store rain water.

If this project goes well and the home sells, more will follow.


One thought on “East Liberty Home Remodel And Conversion Will Be Pittsburgh’s First Net-Zero House

  1. That’s IT Roy !!!!!
    I want to pull up the stakes, take pennies on the dollar for my house and move to Pittsburgh. It is a stab in the heart to see how progressive they are like Scranton, York, Harrisburg, Lancaster even little old Phoenixville, (yeah I know they are a little behind the 8 ball and there’s still a lot of garbage politics getting in their way), but they are light years ahead of us is so many ways.

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