Harrisburg Secures State Funding For Three Projects

Map of Pennsylvania highlighting Dauphin County

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Dauphin County will act as a “pass through” between the Commonwealth’s Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program and three entities in the City of Harrisburg.

Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC), the Hamilton Health Center and WCI Partners in the city’s Uptown section will split $8.5 million in funds.

HACC will receive $3 million to set up a law enforcement training center.

Hamilton Health Center will receive $2.5 million to buy a former warehouse and transform it into a clinic and office space.

WCI Partners will receive $3 million to rehabilitate 30 blighted properties in Uptown Harrisburg.


3 thoughts on “Harrisburg Secures State Funding For Three Projects

  1. Great decision Roy. Now I can get lost for hours reading about all the creative approaches communities are taking to pull themselves up!! I love this.

  2. Me too, me too!!! Your new site is a good decision Roy. Although I tend to feel a little helpless watching all that money go to other communities that have, evidently, functional city halls. I am just more than a little curious about why our borough doesn’t have a team of grant writers, there are clearly plenty of viable plans and comprehensives to begin to set a vision for Pottstown.

  3. This is an example of “partnering” with the entities in your community. Imagine if the Borough reached out to embrace the Hill School and MontCo Community College were fully engaged with this community??? Imagine if the Hospital were encouraged and enthusiastic to join in??? I mean come on, our leaders need to engage these people and open their doors.

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