Philadelphia Housing Concerns, Landlord Violations And Creation Of A Land Bank

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This should sound familiar to Pottstown residents.  Our big city neighbor to the SE is grappling with many of the same issues that Pottstown is facing: landlords, vacant and blighted properties and gentrification of neighborhoods 

There was a Revitalizing Urban Neighborhoods Conference at Temple University yesterday attended by about 300 people and some big investors. 

Subjects like illegal rentals, blighted lots and private citizens having the ability to buy property from the Redevelopment Authority versus that land being sold to developers were discussed.  Another hot topic was creation of a Land Bank so developers can more easily purchase vacant lots. 

The conversation was spirited by all accounts as city residents expressed their frustrations on these subjects. 


3 thoughts on “Philadelphia Housing Concerns, Landlord Violations And Creation Of A Land Bank

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  2. i Have just moved to phila and only been in a property 2 weeks and has been known now of bugs and mice infestation . I have 6 children and now i have 2 leave which will leave me homless and the housing authority will not place me in safe housing , I don”t know if u will beable to help me but i need some help. My children has been effected by all this . My num is 717 875 -1865

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