Pottstown Council Gets Their Act Together Regarding Economic Development

I read, with much delight, in today’s Pottstown Mercury that Pottstown Borough Council has made a historic decision regarding economic development that will finally propel us forward on the road to economic recovery.

For years, efforts on the economic development front have been fragmented and lacking a unified voice.  A new partnership has been forged which will merge all the fragments into one entity, thereby increasing political clout and sending out a clear message of what Pottstown’s game plan is to recover.

Using the model created in Johnstown, PA, Pottstown will move forward economically.  Pottstown is in a better position to rebound than Johnstown so if this strategy worked there, it should work here.  That is, if we can stop shooting ourselves in the collective foot, move forward with a plan and stop squabbling amongst ourselves for all the world to see.

The Pottstown Area Industrial Development Corporation will be restructured with a new executive director who will possess regional or national credentials!  AWESOME!  Bring in an expert from outside the area without the local baggage and a positive attitude.

Kudos to Council for taking this courageous step forward.  Team work is the direction to go.  This project is too big for one group.  It needs all the major players at the table, speaking the same language.

We look forward to the future and what this new mindset brings!


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